Jeff Helms

Jeff Helms

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Jeff Helms is the Managing Partner of First Coast Wealth Advisors, a wealth management and retirement consulting firm in St Augustine, FL. His BOOK, “Generation R: A Retirement Nation at Risk”, explores the challenges facing the Baby Boom generation in securing a comfortable retirement. The BOOK was profiled on Nightly Business Report.

He maintains the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is also a Certified Retirement Coach. Jeff currently serves as Chairman of the City of St Augustine Pension Board.

Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation Life and Legacy

Author by Jeff Helms, CFA Passing on wealth is an American tradition that stems back to the early founders of this great country. It is a tradition that relies on the art of storytelling. However, it is also a tradition that, in today’s digital age of viral social media campaigns and “ten seconds of Internet fame,” is being lost on …

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