Jyotsna Narayanswamy

Chahna Tailor

I am a software engineer. I enjoy my day job as well as other hobbies including traveling, spending time with family, socializing, listening to spiritual discourses, cooking, music, and enjoying nature. Above all I like to help and make a small difference in the lives of people that I come in contact with. I am grateful to have met and spent a lot of time with wonderful people in my life who have taught me to live in the present.


How Gita transformed my life By Jyotsna Narayanswamy

My mother introduced me to the Gita during my childhood. In the nights, when we had power cuts, she would teach us the ‘sthita pragnya’ verses from chapter 2. I even remember participating in a Gita competition in my school which coincidentally was on the same set of shlokas. During my high school summer holidays, I first tried to read …