Meenakshi Jain

Meenakshi Jain

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Meenakshi JainMeenakshi Jain is an associate professor of History at Gargi College, University of Delhi. She was Fellow, Nehru M e m o r i a l M u s e u m & Library, Teen Murti. Her recent works include Parallel Pathways. Essays on Hindu-Muslim Relations (1707-1857). She is the co-author of The Rajah Moonje Pact. Documents on a Forgotten Chapter of Indian History.

Book Review - The Battle for Rama Case of the Temple at Ayodhya-ftr

Book Review – The Battle for Rama: Case of the Temple at Ayodhya By Meenakshi Jain

For over a decade, a handful of Left historians have strenuously endeavoured to stymie the Ramjanmabhumi movement. From questioning the antiquity of Rama worship and the identity of ancient Ayodhya, they have also challenged the widely held belief Babri Masjid was built on the site of the Janmabhumi temple. Scholars have, however, traced the antiquity of the Rama Katha as …