Ritu Linhart

Ritu Linhart

About the Author:
Ritu Linhart has been a devoted volunteer of the Ekal Vidyalaya movement for the past 12 years. She attended the University of Florida and Auburn University, where she obtained her degrees in Chemical Engineering. She is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Barry University as well as an Instructor of Chemistry and Physics at Coral Glades HS. She spends her summers conducting cutting edge scientific research. Last summer, Ritu worked on the electronic upgrade of the hadronic calorimeter (HCAL) of the CMS Detector (used to detect the recent Higgs boson discovery) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.


Ritu Linhart's Vanyatra

Ritu Linhart’s Vanyatra

Author by Ritu Linhart I attended the 2012 Ekal Global Learning (EGL) Tour in Raipur with a group of about twelve people in February 2012 and am jumping out of my skin to share my wonderful experience. We were heartily welcomed with garlands and bouquets by the Raipur Ekal chapter as soon as we arrived at the Raipur airport and …