Jigar Weds Sonika

Best Friends = Love For Life

friendshipJigar and Sonika share a beautiful friendship, one that binds them together forever. A key to a good relationship is laughing together and sharing the joys in life, which is exactly how Jigar and Sonika found their relationshiop unfolding into a tremendous love life. Sonika Khushwala, 26, a physical therapist and Jigar Tataria, 29, an anaesthesiologist, first met over lunch at their friend’s place, who were coincidentally, family friends of Jigar’s and Sonika’s parents neighbors. The couple was also surprised to learn that both of them worked at the same hospital in downtown Atlanta. As time went on, the two would often grab dinner after work, play tennis, or take a stroll in the park to spend time with each other. Little did they know that the need to see each other would progress to an everyday occurrence.

Jigar proposed to Sonika exactly nine months from the day they met. For some, thatJigar proposed to Sonika might be considered too short a period to judge someone’s character, but Sonika had no doubt that Jigar was the person with whom she wanted to spend her life. Jigar enamored his love with red roses as Sonika came out brushing from the bathroom. Sonika could see he was visibly sweating, so without any further delay she agreed to his proposal gleefully. Though he always wanted to propose her in the park where they shared many memorable moments, but Jigar’s demanding work schedule proved challenging. In the end, the two were happily engaged and soon planning a beautiful wedding.

As soon as Sonika said yes, the planning began for a wedding one year away. Jigar and Sonika planned their dream wedding with the support of many friends and relatives, and in the end, the result was fruitful. It was a dream wedding where no consultant would participate, and it was only made so by those with heart.

The wedding events took place in Atlanta where Sonika’s family lived. Sonika’s lifelong wish was to have an outdoor marriage ceremony, and the Sheraton Hotel Atlanta offered just that. The sangeet/garba and reception took place in the hotel’s two ballrooms, and out of town guests were able to find accommodations in the same place.

The theme for the sangeet was traditional ethnic hues. Guests entered the ballroom through a colorful passageway. Tables were adorned with Moroccan corners and lanterns. The stage was enhanced with brightly colored panels and a traditional Indian swing in the center, and the dance floor was decorated with umbrellas, being the central theme of the ceremony, which canvassed the Raas between Krishna and Radha.

The ceremony was held in the Emory conference center garden on a spring Georgia day. The courtyard had a rock waterfall and seasonal flowers in full bloom, which provided a calm ambience for the wedding. Reds, whites and golds, dominant in traditional Indian weddings, prevailed and the mandap was adorned with red rose petals while the aisle was bordered with white rose petals. It was the perfect backdrop for an Indian wedding in spring with the Sun as a chief guest.

Ceremony program booklets were with a Shakespearean quote. DJ Bally played “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles as Sonika entered, who looked as dazzling as the Sun. Sonika always wanted the sound of the Beatles present for here wedding due to her love of the band.

best-5The reception was held in the Capitol ballroom at the Sheraton Atlanta, which provided an atmosphere pleasing to all. Large crystal chandeliers, mahogany wood panels, white blue up lighting tickled everyone’s memories with images of Indian villages from the past. The theme was peacock and the colors were chosen very brilliantly to befit the theme well. Chairs were adorned with peacock feathers, and crystal garlands enhanced the mandap.

People went wild over the music especially when DJ Bally played “Sing sing sing with a swing” and Michael Buble’s “Everything” to which the bride and groom danced. The father/daughter dance was to the popular song “You are my sunshine,” and the mother/son dance song was to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. The remainder of the reception music was a healthy mix of Hindi, Bhangra and pop hits to which guests eagerly danced all night. With guests enjoying to the last minute, Jigar and Sonika truly made their dream wedding a success.

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