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  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapies for Glowing Skin

    Ayurveda Beauty Therapies for Glowing Skin

    By Neeta Singh, founder of Neeta Naturals, Ayurveda coach and Beauty Therapist Are you a bride-to-be? Feeling anxious with constant butterflies in the stomach is quite normal. Though it is every girl’s dream to share a perfect wedding day with the man of her dreams, …

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  • Ubtan Ftr Img

    Ubtan: Eastern Beauty Meets West

    The tradition of Ubtan dates back to ancient texts in India. As written in the Vedas, it was used for nourishing, protection and beautification of the skin. Ubtan is a common household name in India for a traditional Ayurvedic recipe to detoxify the skin and …

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