Ubtan: Eastern Beauty Meets West

The tradition of Ubtan dates back to ancient texts in India. As written in the Vedas, it was used for nourishing, protection and beautification of the skin.

Ubtan is a common household name in India for a traditional Ayurvedic recipe to detoxify the skin and body, known for its ability to beautify your complexion. It softens and smoothes, while cleansing and exfoliating the skin.

It is a natural paste of herbs, and one of the most natural skincare essentials you can use on your skin. In modern India, the paste is often used for Hindu marriages when brides apply Ubtan before their special day to enhance their natural beauty.

The famous Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra has been seen applying Ubtan and sharing her at-home beautifying recipe, included below. Priyanka brought that trend to the US, and it has gained widespread popularity since then.

Over the years, Ubtan has gained popularity for both men and women, and has become somewhat of a fashion statement. It later became popular for both brides and grooms to use as part of their beauty ritual, which is symbolically seen as a detachment of the old life and embracing a new life. It is massaged on the bride and groom’s hands, feet and face. You gently apply it all over, wait a couple of minutes, then massage and exfoliate, followed with a bath. This not only brings a healthy glow, but also removes excess facial hair and aids in exfoliation.

Benefits of Ubtan

• High phenolic and flavonoid content reduces free radicals
• Removes facial hair
• Removes tan
• Improves blood circulation
• Improves complexion
• Detoxifies via exfoliation
• Removes dead cells from the skin
• Reduces acne and acne scars
• Removes blemishes and age spots
• Aids in maintaining beautiful, clear skin
• Removes blackheads and whiteheads


There are many ways to make Ubtan and different parts of India use different recipes. Two are noted below:

Masoor Daal Ubtan

This Ubtan is often used for blemish-free skin.


• Organic masoor daal (red lentil) Flour
• Organic besan (chickpea Flour)
• Organic whole milk
• Organic turmeric

For this simple and effective Ubtan, you will need red lentil flour or masoor daal, chickpea flour, and a pinch of turmeric. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and leave for a couple of minutes. Then, apply it all over your face and hands, let it sit for a couple minutes, start massaging, then wash it off.

Whole Wheat Ubtan
(as used by Priyanka Chopra)

As Priyanka explains, this Ubtan is great for removing a tan and gives glowing skin.


• Organic whole wheat flour
• Pinch of organic turmeric
• Organic lime juice (only few drops)
• Organic unflavored, plain whole yogurt
• Rose water

Mix all ingredients together and apply to your face, leaving it for 15-20 minutes. Gently start massaging. It not only takes away fine facial hair, but also removes tanned skin and gives a natural glow.

DIY at Home

During this pandemic, it has been a challenge to rely on spas. Some may find it hard to trust what is available in the name of skincare to keep their skin naturally glowing.

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