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Chanda Zaveri announces pill to preclude Covid-19 Infection 

Self-made millionaire scientist, Chanda Zaveri announced from her Palos Verdes home that she has a drug that can forestall the Covid-19 infection. She said it is a “simple product” that can go a long way in helping her slogan, “Don’t lock down people, lock down the virus”. 

Chanda Zaveri Cell Armour, her Southern California laboratory, came up with the pill, which is in fact a virus fusion inhibitor created with Humic Acid mixed with a non-specific polypeptide. Zaveri mentions that the main ingredient is nothing but “dirt” and goes on to propound on its healthful properties. She quotes from history recounting the story of the Mughals and how the locals urged them to eat this when they fell terribly ill upon their arrival in India. 

She goes on to explain that the Humic Acid acts as a mesh in the human anatomy that catches the virus floating in the body. The polypeptide acts as radar for the Humic Acid and with no means of attaching itself to a cell to replicate, the virus eventually dies. 

To its credit, Zaveri reported that the drug has been tested in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and on some patients in London. It has also shown positive results as per her statement and severe cases have been known to be free of the infection within three days after having got administered with mega doses of it. Although such high does cause diarrhea and weight loss, the side effects seem minor to several nations as per Zaveri. 

Millions of these pills have been shipped to Hong Kong by the manufacturer from her California lab and she expects to so soon to Dubai and India as well. 

The 49-year old molecular biologist is also a founder-owner of companies like Actiogen and Skin Healix which has a combined turnover of $150 million.


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