Isolation Shouldn’t Stop People from Exercising Says Research

Isolation means no access to sports clubs and gyms but this does not mean that people shouldn’t exercise. Bath University research suggests that maintaining a disciplined exercise regimen will offer a critical role in maintenance of a robust immune system.

Smiling people doing mermaid pose at yoga classThe global journalExercise Immunology review” takes in the viewpoints of Dr. John Campbell and Dr James Turner from Bath University department of health and analyses the benefits of exercise on the immune system

Over the last 40 years, it was assumed that moderate intensity exercise benefits the immune system but intense exercise suppresses it and that creates an open window of risk in the period following the exercise. The 2018 study by Turner and Campbell overthrew this assumption quoting lack of logical evidence that exercise will suppress immunity. The duo argued that short term benefits of exercise helps the immune system in locating and tackling pathogens and long term benefits slows down immune ageing and so risk of infections decreases. 

Dr James Turner further went on to say that there is no real evidence of exercise negatively impacting immune system however arduous the form may be. The COVID 19 situation demands that people keep themselves safe from other people who may be virus carriers

However, the importance of staying healthy and active should not be underestimated during this period. Experts recommend that people maintain strict standards of personal hygiene while exercising during this time. Hands have to be washed and sharing of towels etc. not to be permitted. It’s also necessary to get a good amount of sleep and maintain a healthy diet to generate a sufficient amount of energy that’s spent during exercise.


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