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‘Cutting cholesterol to level of newborn babies reduces heart attack risk’

High cholesterol levels are known to be detrimental to heart health and can also become the cause all sorts of diseases and conditions.

The obvious thing to concentrate on at this point would be to reduce your cholesterol levels. However, a study has discovered that bringing down your cholesterol to the same level as that of a new born baby if you want to curb the risk of heart attack, stroke or fatal heart disease.

As per the study, this will reduce your chances of either of these conditions by nearly one third.

Reducing cholesterol as low as possible is safe and more beneficial than the current normal levels — 100 mg/dL (deci-litres) or below — achieved with existing drugs such as statins, the study said.

‘Experts have been uncertain whether very low cholesterol levels are harmful, or beneficial. This study suggests not only are they safe, but they also reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke,’ said lead author Kausik Ray, Professor at Imperial College London in Britain.

This lowest cholesterol levels is only achievable in adulthood, through medication, as well as lifestyle changes like healthy food and exercise, the researchers suggested.

For the study, published in the journal Circulation, the team analysed data from 10 trials, involving around 5,000 patients, diagnosed with high cholesterol.

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