Editorial April 2011

April 2011

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the entire Desh-Videsh team, I would like to wish everyone a Happy, and more importantly, a Healthy New Year.

On behalf of the entire Desh-Videsh team, let me thank all of you from bottom of my heart for all the compliments you have given to us regarding the March wedding issue. It is a very life fulfilling moment when someone compliments your work, especially minute details like the quality of the , article designs, cover photo, and photos used in articles. I am sure all of you recognize that it takes a team effort and when somebody compliments the work, the entire team is uplifted.

While I would love to thank each one of you individually, let me start with all the newlyweds who submitted their story, the photographers who submitted their work, the advertisers – veteran and those who have recently joined our team, supportive customers, and last but not least, our faithful readers, without your suggestions, feedback, and encouragement, this journey would not be possible.

Aruna and I are very proud of the entire Desh-Videsh team and we would like to thank each one of them for their hard work. We would especially like to thank our employees who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure readers get the most of the magazine. As I have said before in this column, this is very dear and near to my heart, so I could go on and on.

Let me turn now to two important, timely topics – cricket and our health. India is hosting the ICC World Cup Tournament, and the Indian team is one of the favorites along with the Pakistan team. May the best team win!

Our health should be on of our highest priorities. Unfortunately, the occurrence of heart disease among Indians and Indian Americans is rising. Yes, some of the research indicates that it is in our genes, but our lifestyles are also much to blame, as Dr. Nathan points out in his article. (Yes, Neha, that includes me too!) I would like to welcome Dr. Nathan to our team as he will making a regualar contribution to the health column.Finally, we are excited about the upcoming MyShadi Bridal Expo in Atlanta. Once again, I extend a hearty thanks to all the customers who are participating in the Expo. Special thanks go to our Platinum Sponsors – Occasions by Shangri-La, Qatar Airways, TV Asia, and Trip Explorer. Thanks to all the brides
and visitors who have registered online – we look forward to seeing you. Also, we are happy to announce that in cooperation with Quarter Airways and Trip Explorer, we are giving away four FREE tickets to India. Good luck to all of you and see you there on April 17, 2011.

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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