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Editorial April 2013

Dear Readers,

“Heath is Wealth.” We have been told this so many times. We’ve even written about it and have read so many articles stating this very fact. Unfortunately, most of us ignore this simple statement. When it comes to diet and exercise, most of not likely to practice the two. As one more reminder of its importance, Desh-Videsh dedicates its April issue to Health and Nutrition.

It is my pleasure to present three articles restating the same facts we all know, but with convincing arguments.

For whatever reason, we take something as important as being healthy very lightly. Many of us have the tendency to procrastinate, telling ourselves we will get to it tomorrow, except that tomorrow we might be diagnosed with a serious disease. For those of you who know me, are well aware of my love for Gulab Jambu. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I learned that cancer cells love sugar. So, I drastically cut down on my sugar intake, especially Gulab Jambu. If I can do it, anyone can do it. My next goal is to become really serious about exercise.

Our February 2013 issue featured a health column by Dr. Gillani, a Naturopathic Doctor in Atlanta. She was instrumental in helping with that project, and we received several emails praising her article on using Indian herbs to reduce sickness. This month, Dr. Gillani has written our cover article about Health and Nutrition.

Enough about the serious stuff, let’s move on the fun and excitement. Many of you have heard about and seen pictures of our recent MyShadi Bridal Expo in Atlanta through e-mails and/ or Facebook. Once again with the help of the community and our loyal customers, we had a very successful show. We are now gearing up for two exciting shows in our own backyard, the first in Tampa and next in South Florida.

To add to this excitement, it is my pleasure to present an article on a unique concept fashion show we will be presenting in Tampa – the models will wear unique jewelry made from fresh flowers. Come see for yourself in Tampa when Suhaag Gardens presents it latest jewelry line – tAnirika – in a dramatic fashion show that is sure to blow your mind.

See you in Tampa!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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