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Editorial April 2020

Dear Readers,

This month’s issue of Desh-Videsh covers so many things, I don’t even know where to start. But let me make an attempt.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), as President Trump calls it the invisible enemy, has brought unprecedentedly tough times all over the world. It has disrupted our family life, social life and more importantly, business life. Seniors, and particularly people of all ages with health issues are more at risk. This is the time when we all have to come together and fight this enemy. Fortunately many young people and some businesses have come forward to help our fellow humans. It would be very difficult to name the many helping, but one business I would like to mention is located here in South Florida – Flavors of India. It is a grocery store based in Pembroke Pines, and they have announced that they will deliver groceries to seniors and will not charge for delivery. What a nice gesture!

Now let me talk about some of the rumors or fake news we may be getting through WhatsApp or our emails regarding a cure for coronavirus. Most of these are nothing but rumors that have no scientific base or proof. So before you do anything, please be sure to consult your physician and please do not forward the rumors along to your friends.

Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala has written a very informative article, “The New Global Economy after Coronavirus.” Dr. Jhunjhunwala is based in India so the article applies more towards Indian economy, but at this time every county is facing similar economic problems so many aspects apply even to us in the United States.

To ease your pain and stress, we here at Desh Videsh Media Group are doing our share. I am sure you must have received an email from us about the two Weekly Webinar Series we are offering.

The first is “How to Navigate Your Business in These Tough Times,” where financial professionals give advice and answer your questions. The second in the Weekly Webinar Series is “Sa Ni Dh Pa Live,” which is a live musical program brought straight to your living room! Featured in this webinar will be amateur and professional musical artists. If you did not receive the email, please go to page 58 and sign up for our emails so you don’t miss any important updates!

Raj Shah Managing Editor of Desh Videsh Media GroupNow let me turn to some lighter topics since we could all use that right now! Some of you may know that April is National Poetry Month. We are excited to bring an article to you that honors some of the first poets in India. This article provides short bios of these great poets and excerpts from some of their popular poems. Please visit www.deshvidesh.com/TOP10INDIAPOETS for more poems written by these popular poets. We also feature some poems written by Megha Sood, a poet who has earned several accolades, as well as by Aarohi Talati, our own young and talented poet from South Florida.

Let me close this column by reminding all of you to follow CDC guidelines, wash your hands, keep social distance, stay home, and stay safe!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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April is National Poetry Month

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