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Editorial April 2024

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the entire Desh-Videsh Media Group team and the entire Indian community, I would like to wish Dr. Kiran Patel a happy birthday and a long and healthy life on his 75th birthday. 

I would also like to congratulate Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel for inaugurating the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Orlando.

The inauguration of the Orlando College of Osteopathic Medicine (OCOM) by Dr. Kiran Patel and Dr. Pallavi Patel not only marks a new chapter in medical education in Central Florida but also embodies the philanthropic spirit and vision of its founders. This initiative, launched on Dr. Kiran Patel’s 75th birthday, showcases their unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare and education globally. OCOM, poised to become a cornerstone of medical excellence, reflects a broader ambition to create a global educational legacy, with future expansions into Zambia and India. The Patels’ philanthropic journey, rooted in compassion and innovation, continues to inspire a generation, signaling a transformative era in healthcare education that transcends geographical boundaries. Their dedication sets a precedent for future endeavors, promising a lasting impact on the medical field and beyond.

In this issue, we are also covering an article that talks about how the philanthropic visionary Dr. Kiran Patel is shaping the future of medicine and education not only in Florida but all over the world.

In a world yearning for genuine heroes, Dr. Kiran Patel’s remarkable journey from a challenging upbringing in Zambia to becoming a titan in healthcare and philanthropy is not just uplifting but transformative. Born into adversity, Patel’s life is a beacon of what resilience, hard work, and vision can achieve. His transition from a diligent student in segregated environments to a pioneering cardiologist and entrepreneur in the United States underscores the quintessential American dream, yet with a unique global impact. Patel’s ventures have not only reshaped healthcare landscapes but have also redefined philanthropy through substantial, life-changing contributions across the globe. His unparalleled generosity, particularly in healthcare and education, reflects a deep commitment to bettering human lives, irrespective of geographical borders. Dr. Patel’s legacy, highlighted by his historical donations and visionary projects, continues to inspire a future where compassion, innovation, and global brotherhood prevail. As we marvel at his accomplishments and the indelible marks he leaves on society, it becomes clear that Dr. Patel’s life story is a powerful reminder that individual effort can indeed catalyze global change. His narrative, rich with lessons of perseverance, philanthropy, and hope, serves as a guiding light for current and future generations, urging them to dream big and contribute meaningfully to the world’s tapestry.

This month’s Desh-Videsh Dr. Mohini Shinde explores the potential of pranayama, a breathing technique from Hinduism, to address various health concerns. While “cure” might be a strong term, the science behind mindful breathing is undeniable. For millennia, yogis have touted pranayama’s benefits. The article explores the potential for this practice to manage stress, improve sleep, and even boost the immune system. Remember, consulting a medical professional remains crucial. But as we explore holistic approaches to well-being, this ancient practice offers a simple, accessible tool worth considering.

Now let me turn to two topics that are near and dear to my heart: India and Prime Minister Modi ji. 

As India navigates the confluence of its 2024 general elections, its trajectory towards becoming the third-largest economy, and the anticipation of its centennial of independence, the nation stands at a historical inflection point. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bold vision underscores not just an economic leap but a comprehensive transformation that interweaves the threads of technological innovation, economic growth, and social inclusivity. This pivotal moment, enriched by the critical participation of youth and women, reflects a collective aspiration for an inclusive and prosperous India. The synergy between Modi’s economic ambitions and the electorate’s evolving dynamics signifies a deeper national endeavor to transcend conventional milestones. As India embraces this transformative journey, the 2024 elections emerge not merely as a political contest but as a referendum on India’s developmental trajectory and its global stature by 2047. This period heralds an era of strategic foresight, aiming to sculpt a legacy of sustainable development, equality, and global leadership, anchoring India’s place as a beacon of democracy and progress in the world.

After talking about two giants, PM Modi and Dr. Kiran Patel, let me talk about three Indian Americans who are on their way to becoming giants in their own field.

Yogesh Raut’s recent triumph in the 2024 Jeopardy! The Tournament of Champions is not just a victory on a game show; it’s a testament to the power of perseverance, intelligence, and humility. Raut’s journey from a four-day champion in 2022 to clinching the esteemed title this year illustrates the importance of seizing opportunities and embracing challenges with grace. As he prepares for the jeopardy! Raut’s story inspires all to chase their dreams with the same fervor and tenacity.

Now let me turn to US politics. In a resounding reaffirmation of progressive leadership, Nithya Raman’s re-election to the Los Angeles City Council underscores a collective desire for compassionate, innovative solutions to urban challenges. Her victory, amid rigorous scrutiny and opposition, highlights the electorate’s preference for holistic approaches to homelessness and crime over traditional enforcement-centric methods. Raman’s commitment to addressing these issues with empathy and inclusivity, alongside her advocacy for transportation and tenant reforms, sets a promising course for her continued tenure.

Next, I would like to talk about two Hindu-Americans who are beacons of hope for all Hindus living all over the world. 

Swayam Bagaria’s appointment as Assistant Professor of Hindu Studies at Harvard Divinity School heralds a new era of interdisciplinary scholarship, blending traditional wisdom with modern methodologies. His focus on the psychosocial aspects of Hinduism promises to deepen our understanding of spirituality in the contemporary world, enriching academic and cultural discourses alike. 

Jhaanvi Ganesh’s courageous spotlight on Hinduphobia in academic circles during a Congressional briefing underscores an urgent call for awareness and action. Facing marginalization, Hindu students navigate biases that have detrimental effects on their mental health and academic performance. Ganesh’s plea for tangible steps against such systemic issues highlights the pressing need for inclusivity and support within our educational institutions, advocating for a change that fosters equality and understanding.

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Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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