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Editorial August 2012

August 2012

Dear Readers,

Once again in this issue, we will highlight the accomplishments of our children. This time, we will share a long list of high school valedictorians and salautorians, all of whose parents are from Indian subcontinents. It is very refreshing to see that the hard work Indian parents have put into educating their children in this country is paying off. One thing these students have in common is their humility. Many of the parents I spoke with agree. They are very proud of their children but not arrogantly proud. That is the result of our culture, heritage and upbringing. So for this, the credit goes to all the parents and grandparents in our community.

Speaking of our community, the Pew Research Center recently published a study about Indian Americans and Indian immigrants. After analyzing the research study, it is easy to piece together the data and understand why Indian American students are doing so well. If the parents are hard working and more educated, their children will follow in those footsteps. Learn more about the study in “The Rise of Indian Americans.”

Now let me turn from hard work to spirituality. This month our Muslim readers are celebrating Ramadan. I am very grateful to Mrs. Aniqah Quraeshi who wrote a beautiful article on how Muslims and specifically Muslim children celebrate Ramadan in the United States. She rightly emphasized how spiritual purification can be achieved through fasting, self-sacrifice and prayers. Our Hindu readers are also carrying out this same philosophy. This month, Hindus celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna by fasting and praying. Similarly, in July unmarried girls observed fast and worshiped the Goddess Parvati to get a good husband. I know what you are thinking. What does fasting have to do with getting a good husband? You are right – absolutely nothing. The underlining message is that to achieve something good in life one has to sacrifice and exhibit self-control.

In other spiritual news, it is my utmost pleasure to introduce Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji and his upcoming lecture series “Reshape Your Destiny.” Pujaya Swami Chinmayananda ji has attracted many knowledgeable individuals and Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji is one of them. He left a successful business career in Hong Kong and is now a world-renowned public speaker and author. Please make a note of the dates of his lectures in Tampa and Miami and plan to attend.

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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