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Global Luxury Travel Destinations

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Global Luxury Travel Destinations

By Faren Rajkumar

Traveling to new places can be a luxurious and indulgent experience, no matter in which part of the world you find yourself. From the far East to Europe, every country offers its share of exotic, lavish, and comfortable vacation experiences for the individual adventurer, couples, and entire families looking for a rich getaway.

United Arab Emirates

At the heart of the UAE is the glitz and glam of Dubai, a wealthy and starry city of skyscrapers, luxury resorts, and never-ending nightlife. Its many resorts are an oasis away from the daytime heat, including the Atlantis, The Palm resort on the famed palm tree-shaped Jumeirah Island. Located near the famous Wild Wadi Water Park and the Mall of the Emirates, The Palm is close to many of Dubai’s tourist hotspots, but also serves as a relaxing paradise on the beautiful Arabian Gulf. It features beach access, 23 restaurants, spas, a nightclub, and its own water park and aquarium, in addition to children’s amenities and opportunities to swim with dolphins. Other famous nearby attractions include the Dubai Marina Walk and the Souk Madinat Middle Eastern Bazaar, which is a grand replica of a traditional historic outdoor market.

United Arab Emirates

The untamed spirit of Kenya is best experienced through one of the country’s many luxury safari tours, which showcase the beautiful land, wildlife, and native culture. At the Kalama Conservancy in Northern Kenya, guests are treated like royalty as they sleep under the stars in a magical outdoor villa-style room. At the conservancy, and many other safaris across the country, there is the opportunity to see the life of the local tribes and get up close to the many rare and exotic animals. Also recommended are helicopter trips over Lake Turkana and fishing excursions on Lake Baringo in the Kenyan Rift Valley, where relaxation meets some of the best views of natural beauty in the world.


Known as a country of passion, a luxury vacation in Spain is about indulging the senses through food, the arts, and sightseeing. The city of Madrid is a culinary jewel, home to many celebrity chefs, rare wines and cheeses, cooking schools for tourists, and endless restaurants and outdoor cafes with live music and dancing. Luxury resorts like the Hotel Villa Magna and Grand Melia Palacio de los Durques are in the heart of beautiful Madrid, and also not far from the Royal Palace and the historic national museum, which features one of the world’s finest European art collections.


The elegant Bordeaux region of France is the birthplace of winemaking tradition and architectural innovation. A river cruise through this part of the country is luxurious way to see postcard worthy scenery during the journey while also experiencing and new cuisine and culture at every port. The charming town of Saint-Emillion is home to beautiful churches, wine vineyards, and resorts such as the Chateau Grand Barrail, or even charming luxury bed and breakfast locations like La Petite Madeline. The riverfronts, gardens, and sunsets in this part of France are picturesque and unforgettable.


India is a vast country full of innumerable unique and colorful attractions, creating a challenge for tourists in choosing which sights to see first. A private luxury tour is often the best way to fit in as many experiences as possible, especially a tour of the romantic and majestic region of Rajasthan. It boasts many historic palace hotels, transformed from the ancient abodes of royalty into contemporary resorts and spas. The bazaars and markets of Udaipur offer great opportunities for shopping and indulging in exotic cuisine, while Jaipur can be an educational experience among the centuries-old ruins of the famous “Pink City.” From city to city, a luxury tour of Northern India will be a feast for all the senses.


Tropical paradise awaits in the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet. The lush landscape, gentle waters, and beautiful Buddhist temple architecture in this region make it a breathtaking luxury destination for tourists. At the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, travelers experience the natural beauty of the land by staying in luxury tented accommodations. For those looking to escape, Four Seasons also has a quieter and more peaceful location, Resort Chiang Mai, nestled among terraced rice fields, and offering cooking lessons and spa treatments.

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