Mona Weds Gurminder Singh

Gujarat meets Punjab

Photos Courtesy: Zamana Lifestyles

Mona and Gurminder’s was not just a wedding of two individuals. It was the union of two mighty states of India. Gujarat and Panjab tied the knot one evening in America.

Mona Gurminder

Gujarat and PanjabReal estate professional Mona Desai roots hail from Gujarat, India. The family of Gurminder Singh Thind, a strength coach for Texas Tech’s football team, comes from Punjab. Here were two distinct personalities and two families representing distant states of India, coming together to celebrate a beautiful bond.

The couple opted for a destination wedding at the Westin Resort and Spa on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Guests from all over the United States gathered, and the groom’s family came down all the way from Mississauga, Canada.

The couple had more than a year’s time to plan the wedding. The result was a planned celebration that exuded perfection and grace.

Mona donned the hat of “wedding planner” and was helped by her childhood friend, Vimal, who has an extraordinary sense for details and great taste that matches Mona’s likings.

The theme picked for the wedding was that of the peacock, and it was religiously applied to every detail including the flower arrangements, mandap backdrop, invitations, bouquets and more. The flowers, garlands, and décor were designed and supplied by Ragini Patel of Weddings InStyle based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The TrousseauThe Trousseau
Mona chose a bridal gown that was traditional but with a modern twist. It was conventional red with splashes of white, gold and green. The jewelry was from Sajni and the outfit came from Sheetal, both based in Mumbai. The bride’s hair was done as a high bun to provide the perfect base for her veil, which showcased exquisite stonework detailing along the crown.

Mona’s niece Suri and Gurminder’s niece Suhana acted flower girls for the evening. Their outfits were tailored using the same material as that of the bridesmaid saris, which were a shimmery peacock green with a beautiful border and a golden blouse to match.

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