How to Plan a South Asian Wedding

How to Plan a South Asian Wedding by Brittany Ellis, Wedding & Event Planner at Eventrics Weddings

How to Plan a South Asian WeddingSouth Asian weddings are filled with culture, tradition, color and life. When an Indian couple becomes engaged, the coming months of their union will be filled with celebration, family and a lot of planning!

Planning a South Asian wedding begins with a discussion on four of the most crucial elements: budget, location, estimated guest count, and the overall goals of the couple.

In terms of budget, it is crucial your planner is informed on the overall price ranges everyone is comfortable spending. When your planner is aware of cost, they are able to efficiently make vendor recommendations that fit within the style and budget of the couple. Once a budget has been established, a location can then be determined. The choice of venue and location is one of the most important factors of the planning process. It is imperative to have an estimated guest count when searching for venue locations as you will want to ensure all the elements of the wedding will fit into the desired space.

The last crucial development step is for planners to gain an understanding of the couple’s goals and priorities for their wedding celebrations. An example of goals may be ‘wow factor’ entertainment or ‘color catching’ décor. Each couple is unique on what their priorities are for their event, and as a planner, it is important to focus the majority of your attention on ensuring their goals are met.

Once these steps are decided it will be important for planners to keep the communication flowing with the Bride, Groom and families throughout the entire planning process. To effectively execute the planning process of an Indian wedding, planners must always keep consistent communication with the families. Effective communication will ensure a successful event for all parties involved.

In addition to the major decisions that are made in the beginning of the planning process it is essential to keep your planner informed as particulars arise. If you have a surprise dance from your Bridesmaids or a funny video presentation from the family, ensure your planner is aware to make for a successful time line. Time lines give guidance to all vendors involved in the wedding weekend. Having a well structured time line will make all the difference in the flow and ease of the wedding related events ensuring the Bride, Groom and families are having nothing short of an amazing time.

A wedding planner offers guidance, reassurance and invaluable input which can make the wedding planning experience stress-free and enjoyable. To successfully plan a South Asian wedding, planners must always remember effective communication, the couple’s priorities and the budget they are comfortable spending. Understanding these core elements will play the biggest role in productively planning an unforgettable experience for the couple, families and their Guests.

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How to Plan a South Asian

How to Plan a South Asian Wedding by Brittany Ellis, Wedding & Event Planner at Eventrics Weddings

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