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Indian American Swarun Kumar created a new baggage tracking system called PushID

Indian American Swarun Kumar created a new baggage tracking system called PushIDA team led by Indian American Swarun Kumar has successfully discovered a new way to locate Air travel baggage. Named PushID, this tracking system will prevent air travelers from losing their baggage ever again. Kumar and his team of Carnegie Mellon University lab has generated a brand new way of tracking the baggage to prevent losing incidents.

The reports of the Carnegie Mellon University says that their lab, led by Prof. Swaran Kumar has created a better alternative to the present used radio-frequency identification system in airports. Presently, the RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) system is used to track the overall movement of the baggage throughout the airport.

A mobile tag and a stationary reader is used in the tracking process of the baggage under the RFID system. SITA, one of the leading Air Transport Technology specialists, estimates a loss of $2.3 billion in 2017 due to baggage mishandling. This problem is faced by millions of people, and Kumar was researching for new ways of improving the tracking technology so that the baggage mishandling can be prevented.

“Our solution, called PushID, uses a technique called beamforming that focuses energy from many different readers onto one tag. By carefully modifying the signals from each reader, we make sure their energy constructively adds up at the tag’s location. Our key innovation is finding where the battery-free tags are to beam energy to because they have absolutely no energy in the first place to advertise their location.”

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