Indian-Americans have dominated the spelling bee Competition since 2008.

Indian-Americans have dominated the spelling bee Competition since 2008.

The first Indian to win the National Spelling Bee contest was Balu Natarajan in 1985 and the winning word was “milieu”.

Here is the list of Indian-American Kids who have won the competition since 2008.

Indian-Americans have dominated the spelling bee Competition since 2008.

2022 – Winner: Chaitra Thummala; Word: moorhen – an aquatic bird of the rail family that is widespread in the New World, Eurasia, and Africa and that has a red bill, red frontal area on the head, and a white band on the flanks

2019: Winners: Rishik Gandhasri, Erin Howard, Saketh Sundar (Co-Champions); Word: Bougainvillea – a tropical climbing plant with colorful bracts

2018: Winner: Karthik Nemmani; Word: koinonia – Christian fellowship or communion, emphasizing the ideal of community and mutual support

2017: Winner: Ananya Vinay; Word: marocain – a type of fabric made from silk or rayon, often used for evening dresses

2016: Winners: Nohar Janga and Jairam Hathwar (Co-Champions); Words: Feldenkrais – a system of gentle movements designed to increase flexibility and coordination / Gesellschaft – a rationally developed mechanistic type of social relationship characterized by impersonally contracted associations between persons

2015: Winners: Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam (co-Champions); Words: scherenschnitte – the art of cutting paper into decorative designs / nunatak – a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice

2014: Winners: Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe (co-Champions); Words: stichomythia – a dramatic dialogue in which two characters speak alternate lines rapidly / feuilleton – a part of a European newspaper or magazine devoted to material designed to entertain the general reader: a feature section

2013: Winner: Arvind Mahankali; Word: knaidel – a small, usually round dumpling, often made of matzo meal and served in soup

2012: Winner: Snigdha Nandipati; Word: guetapens – an ambush or trap

2011: Winner: Sukanya Roy; Word: cymotrichous – having wavy hair

2010: Winner: Anamika Veeramani; Word: stromuhr – an instrument used to measure the rate of blood flow

2009: Winner: Kavya Shivashankar; Word: Laodicean – characterized by difference or a lack of concern, especially regarding religious matters

2008: Winner Sameer Mishra; Word: guerdon – a reward of recompense for a particular action

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