Jhaanvi Ganesh

Jhaanvi Ganesh addresses HinduACTion briefing

Jhaanvi Ganesh

Jhaanvi Ganesh, a Rutgers University student, highlighted the marginalization faced by Hindu students in academic environments during a Congressional briefing on Hinduphobia arranged by HinduACTion. Studying public health, Ganesh serves as the Northeast Regional Coordinator of Hindu Yuva, a prominent student organization present in over 75 universities nationwide.

She raised concerns regarding Hindu phobia or anti-Hindu sentiments, often overlooked on college campuses. Ganesh elaborated on how these sentiments encompass a spectrum of attitudes and actions, from subtle biases to overt discrimination targeting individuals identifying as Hindu or practicing Hinduism.

Sharing personal encounters, Ganesh expressed feeling misunderstood, marginalized, and vilified based on religious identity. She stressed the adverse impact on mental health, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and encountering microaggressions in academic settings.

According to Ganesh, these instances perpetuate stereotypes and foster an atmosphere of fear and exclusion for Hindu students on campuses. She called upon policymakers, government officials, and community leaders to take tangible steps in addressing systemic issues of Hinduphobia within academic institutions.

Emphasizing the need to recognize the harmful effects of bias, curriculum, and hostile classroom environments on Hindu students’ well-being and academic success, Ganesh underscored the importance of proactive measures to ensure an inclusive and supportive academic environment.

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