Letters to Editor


Kudos to Desh- Videsh for publishing its first Atlanta edition in October 2022. The cover page conveys the message of happiness and spirituality that majority Indian Americans derive from celebration of Diwali- Festival of Lights. The magazine has covered a vast range of topics for the Atlanta readers ranging from Diwali celebration editorial, entertainment, Atlanta current events, travel, immigration, Indian culinary, discussion on current topics, youth, and children related events. It is for the first time in Atlanta’s history that a magazine without negativity, impartiality, and biased reporting is getting published. The editors have followed strict editorial norms of fact checking before publishing any news or articles.

Jay Reddy

Congratulations to the entire team of Desh Videsh Media Group for coming out with Atlanta Edition. For a long time we were waiting for a quality magazine with rich and unbiased content.

Suman Dasgupta

Just received the inaugural issue of Desh Videsh Atlanta Edition. Very nice job, I especially loved the section of “ what Diwali means to you” where young children are expressing their feelings. My 10 year old girl got inspired from those poems written by kids and started writing herself. This is definitely one way for children to know about our festivals and culture. Thank you Desh-Videsh.

Bhavini Patel

I just picked up a copy of Desh Videsh Atlanta Edition. I had never seen this magazine before. After reading it, I realized that you just launched your atlanta Edition. Congratulations! The quality of the printing and paper is much better than what I saw before.  But more importantly I was impressed with the content. This is really a family magazine. It has something for everybody. Gandhi Article for my Grandfather, Must read Book section and NRI news for me and poems on Diwali for my children. Well done.

Mohini Shinde

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