Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

Makeup Trends
Indian Weddings

Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

Every wedding season gives us some new trends when it comes to the decor, clothing, food and makeup…let’s take a look at the makeup trends at Indian weddings this time around.
By Taniya Talukdar

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and why not? It’s once in a lifetime event. Even those who generally don’t put much thought into it earlier, learn the importance of looking good on their wedding day eventually. And, this is what makes wedding makeup a very important part of the entire wedding process.

Apart from the elaborate dressing and jewelry involved in getting an Indian bride ready – whether Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati or South Indian – makeup plays a crucial role too. For most brides, this is the only chance to look their best and they want to make the most of it.

The makeup has to be long lasting given that rituals at an Indian wedding take a long time to be done with. To add to it, the bride may have her emotions running high and might be sweating too through the ceremony. So good and long lasting makeup is the need of the hour.


Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings
Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

Going by the way wedding makeup has evolved in the past few years, here are some of the trends that you can look out for this wedding season. Stay updated to get the best result on your wedding day:

Bold and Bright
No Indian wedding is complete without a dash of bold colors and they always involve: red and gold. The same applies for makeup too with red lips and smokey eyes leading the way. Apart from the black smokey eyes, brides are now getting more experimental and trying out different colours.

Red Lips
Red is the dominant color for most Indian weddings and the brides usually opt for red wedding outfits too. But that has seen a change over the years with brides experimenting with colors as far as the wedding outfit is concerned. So, when opting for red lips just make sure that you underplay the rest of the makeup, especially the eye.

False Eyelashes
No matter how long and luscious one’s natural eyelashes are, false eyelashes go a long way in enhancing the overall look. It has become a must for every bride who wants to achieve that ultimate look at her wedding. They not only make one look glamourous, but appealing too.

Dewy Over Nude
Overdone faces are not preferred any more instead brides are increasingly opting for the dewy look with a natural glow or a beige shimmer. A natural look with subtle highlights is the norm of the wedding season.

Going HD
High definition is not restricted only to the television now but has also become a part of the makeup industry. In fact, HD makeup has become quite popular and goes well with the kind of jewelry that Indian brides wear. Interestingly, it lends a very natural look and looks very good in pictures.

Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings
If you are looking to tie the knot soon, make sure that you have all the details worked out ahead. These days professional makeup artists offer a trial session ahead of the wedding at a nominal price to decide on the wedding look. Try it out instead of saving everything for the wedding day!
Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings
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