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Playful Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are known for being colorful and vibrant. It is one occasion when the entire family gets a chance to rejoice to be together. What makes Indian weddings exceptional are the many unique wedding traditions. There are many rituals associated with the wedding, some of which may seem tiresome. However, many traditions are simply carried out for the fun of it.

Many families embrace fun traditions, and below are some of the most common. Feel free to include some in your own wedding for a bit of lively fun!

Mehndi/ Sangeet

A marriage is not only the unification of two people, but also their families. These traditions provide people a chance to get to know one other better. What better way to do this than share the delight of music and dance! The Mehndi/Sangeet includes singing, dancing, and often, dance performances by the bride, groom, in-laws, and family. The event kicks off the festivities for the bride and the groom. A Mehndi artist applies mehndi (henna) on the bride’s hands and legs. There are many traditions linked to this event, which occurs the day before the wedding. One tradition is that the groom’s name is etched into the design, and he must find it in the intricate artwork!


The Baraat is a well-known tradition that is full of loud music and festive dancing. In a traditional Indian wedding, the groom arrives at the bride’s house (or wedding venue) riding a horse. He wears a turban and has his face hidden by a sehra or flower veil. The groom’s horse or horse carriage is followed by a long procession that includes the groom’s friends and family dancing as the Baraat approaches the wedding venue. The entire crowd enjoys energy-pumping music along with the best of dhol. Once the groom arrives, he is welcomed by his mother-in-law and the bride’s family. This pre-wedding custom is completed by the groom.

Polokwane ( Groom Welcome ) 

This tradition really helps ease the tension between the groom and the in-laws. The bride’s mother playfully pulls the groom’s nose in this light-hearted gesture to teach him to be humble. In some families, the tradition for the groom’s friends and family is to make the pulling of his nose very difficult! This pre-wedding tradition takes place in front of all the guests! At this time, the groom remains distracted by performing different rituals, so it is the perfect time for siblings, cousins, and/or friends of the bride to playfully steal the groom’s shoes to trouble him.

Last Round of Mangal Phera

This tradition is one that relies on both parties’ alertness and swiftness! As the tradition goes, after completing the last phera, both the bride and groom have to sit down as quickly as possible. It is said the first person to sit down will be the ruler of the household! The playful event gives everyone a chance to take off the burden of tedious customs for some time, and the bride and groom get a much-needed break.

Though these traditions may vary according to different regions and families, the essence remains the same. Indian weddings are truly something to look forward to attending. These traditions and customs, which are an integral part of weddings, enrich, and complete them.

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