Poems by Vanaja Raju

Poems by Vanaja Raju

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– This month’s poems are by Vanaja Raju

School Friends

Friends make it fun for everyone

to get their schoolwork done.

They talk and talk and walk and walk, they never get some rest.

They run and jump and try to find little birdies in their nest.

And when these friends go to school, they feel brave and cool,

for once a group of friends hid their teacher’s pretty stool!

I wish we could celebrate friendships in second grade,

We could eat good food and drink sweet lemonade,

We could exchange arts and crafts we made.

But there is one thing that we would never trade,


Late Night

The night, the late, late night.

When not even a candle can show its light.

When the moon hides behind a cloud,

When not even an elephant can trumpet loud.

You can’t say anything, you are sound asleep,

When it’s so quiet, a meteor’s crash sounds like a peep.

If I had a Pool

If I had a pool,

I would make it really cool.

It would have warm heaters inside,

A long and winding water slide.

There would be a food and drink machine,

And in the night robots would scrub it clean.

My arms won’t need to work like a fish’s fin,

There’d be floating devices for me to lay in.

There would be a wobbly water bed,

Massages for my body and head,

And an underwater school,

That’s if I had a pool.


I couldn’t find my way back home,

I only found a silver dome.

I only found a bright blue egg,

And I only badly scraped my leg.

I couldn’t find my father or mother,

I couldn’t even find my little brother.

Perhaps I needed to look some more,

So through the quiet woods I tore.

First came out a bear,

Who said, “Get outta my lair!”

Then came out a fox,

Who was followed by an ox,

Pretty soon the animals were there,

“Why are you here, we really care!”

So I said, “I can’t find my way back home,

I only found a silver dome.

I only found a bright blue egg,

And I only badly scraped my leg.

So I don’t mean to intrude, I really don’t,

I won’t ever disturb you, I really won’t.

Out of the crowd came a little man.

He said, “I can help you, I really can.”

“Open the silver dome,

It’s a cap.

And within, you will find

A very old map.

The map will guide you all the way home,

And that’s thanks to the silver dome!”

“Thank you, sir, I don’t know how to thank you!”

“Oh, it’s fine – I’m Lank, you?”

“I am Trevor,” I happily said.

And back to my home,

The map lead.

So from that day onward, I always visited the kind man,

If you’re lost in that forest, reach him, you really can.

Vanaja RajuAbout Vanaja

Vanaja Raju is an eight-year-old who enjoys writing, reading, music, and tennis. She will be a rising third grader at Country Isles Elementary School. Vanaja lives in Davie, Florida, with her parents and her little brother.

Poems by Vanaja Raju

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