Randeep Hooda to play Havlidar Ishar Singh in ‘Saragarhi’

After proving his mettle yet again and garnering high acclaim for the biopic ‘Sarbjit’, Randeep Hooda is now gearing to go into battle with a period action-drama based on the historic battle of Saragarhi. Randeep will portray the role of Havlidar Ishar Singh, the military commander of the 36th Sikhs, today known as the fourth Battalion of the Sikh Regiment. The film is being helmed by writer-director Rajkumar Santoshi, who cast the actor after watching his performance in ‘Sarbjit’ as the filmmaker believes only Randeep can do justice to the part.

Randeep is known for his effortless blending into any role that he takes up, bringing about real characters to life on reel with much aplomb. And he is now set to do the same for his sixth biopic ‘Saragarhi’ as he will undergo strenuous preparations for his role as the Sikh soldier.

“For the next month-and-a-half, Randeep will be studying Sikh history under a guru, learning sword fighting and shooting with vintage rifles. He is already a master of horse riding and has been visiting the stables more often in the last few weeks. He has the body language of a warrior and he will be beefing up to resemble Ishar Singh. He has already started growing out his hair and beard,” says filmmaker and CEO, Wave Cinemas, Rahul Mittra, adding that Group Chairman, Raju Chadha has signed Randeep on board for a three-film-deal with the focus on the big budget first production, ‘Saragarhi’.

He further adds, “Taking care of the sentiments of the Sikh community is of utmost importance and Randeep is extremely serious about the prep. Being a Sikh soldier means embracing calmness and pure forms of warfare, there can be no frivolous behaviour and Randeep has completely submerged himself into the part.”

‘Saragarhi’ follows the events around September 12, 1897 where 10,000 Afghans of the Orakzai tribesmen attacked a British Indian contingent, comprising of 21 Sikhs, stationed at an army post in the North-West Frontier Province, now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. During the battle, Ishar Singh suffered severe wounds but refused to surrender and fought to his death.

In recognition of his supreme sacrifice, the British Parliament posthumously awarded him the Indian Order of Merit. Two Saragarhi Gurudwaras were built to commemorate the soldiers.

The mahurat shot will take place with Randeep at the Saragarhi Gurudwara in Amritsar on September 12.

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