The Coming

” The Coming ”
by Keshav Shah
Flight from this body,
Freed from the Earth,
Dividing my soul from ego,
letting the pure knowledge rush in
and then… I let go.
Seeing my past,
all of my past,
past lives, past ages, to my origin,
as a friend of Krishna, my true self.
coiled locks,
Describing his childhood,
my childhood,
… our childhood.
Then seeing a blinding light,
rushing towards it,
and entering.
There he is,
My best friend, a gopa
astride an eagle man, a gopa,
a plume of a peacock upon his head, a gopa
And next to him, a gopi,
I see the boundless devotion emerging from her towards
my best friend,
The gopa, Krishna and the gopi, Radha,
And together Radhakrishna,
The eternal love.
I rush towards them,
and then,
Our Eternal Love.
My Eternal Bliss.
Forever and Ever.
About the Poet
Keshav ShahKeshav Shah, 14, is a rising 9th grader at Los Altos High School in California. Keshav enjoys cross-country, song in tabla, and has been a leader in his community in the fight against climate change. The theme of his poem originated from the writings of the Bhagavad Gita.
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