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South Film Industry: Rooted & Disciplined – Raveena Tandon

In a recent conversation with Rajshri Unplugged, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon delved into her thoughts on the distinctions between the South and Hindi film industries. She echoed the prevalent belief that the South film industry maintains a higher degree of discipline when compared to its Hindi counterpart.

Raveena pointed out that the Hindi film industry sometimes drifts away from its cultural roots, leading to a disconnect that can affect the performance of Hindi films. She appreciated the South film industry’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and values, which, in her opinion, contributes to its success.

During the interview, Raveena emphasized the preference for more relatable storytelling in the South film industry. She noted that they tend to focus on down-to-earth narratives rather than highbrow concepts. She explained that this approach is part of the South industry’s secret to success. In contrast, she observed that the Mumbai film industry has increasingly adopted Westernized elements and occasionally attempted to replicate films that didn’t fare well, which didn’t yield favorable results. Consequently, staying attuned to audience preferences became vital, and Raveena acknowledged this as a valuable lesson from the South film industry.

The actress also shared a humorous anecdote related to her dietary experiences while working in South Indian cinema. She fondly recalled how she could indulge in diverse culinary delights without concerns about her weight during her South visits. However, upon returning to Mumbai, she had to shed the extra pounds she had gained. People in the South encouraged her to eat heartily, while in Mumbai, she faced comments about her weight gain.

In her candid conversation with Rajshri Unplugged, Raveena Tandon discussed the cultural differences between the two film industries and shared a lighthearted anecdote from her culinary adventures in South India.

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