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The Pledge to Make a Difference – Kamala Devi Harris

The Pledge to Make a Difference – Kamala Devi Harris


Very often in life, we are motivated by something that we look up to. This could be in the form of a person, an ideal or even a goal. In each of these cases, the motivation is toward a positive end. However, there are many cases where the motivation comes from a negative attribute. We are often driven by the fear of something, in the attempt at avoidance of something painful, or in some cases, when we told that something is not possible. Kamala Devi Harris is one among those inspired into action just to prove her detractors wrong.


Having heard innumerable times that she cannot do something because it just wasn’t cut out for her, because it was too much hard work, or that her time was yet to come, Kamala decided that she would ensure everything worked in her favor.


Born to an Indian mother and Jamaican father, Kamala grew up in an environment where she was surrounded by people fiercely involved in the civil rights movement. Even as a young girl, both Kamala and her sister Maya grew up learning to give back to the community and understanding the importance of service.


Through her education at Howard and the University of California, Kamala always showed a lot of promise and great ambition. She began to climb the ladders of success steadily and eventually went on to become Attorney General General of California. Having completed her tenure, she is now in the running to become the next U.S Senator of California.


Apart from being supremely successful at her work, Kamala worked very closely with several organizations on many causes. In helping promote education she worked on trying to reduce the rates of truancy among school students. She has been an active proponent of the use of technology in the enforcement of law. She has contributed significantly in helping reduce human trafficking and also in working closely with the Mexican border officials to prevent the smuggling of drugs and weapons across the borders. She has been keen on working to conserve the environment and helping improve safety. Marriage equality has also been among the other major concerns that Kamala has lent her voice to.


It is not just fame and fortune that are Kamala’s calling. The purpose of her life go much beyond. She is not enamored by starting something new, but in being able to make a mark that people will remember her by. Although she has a lifetime of work that she has to be done, Kamala is all set to leave a legacy.

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