Artificial Intelligence

There is a new kid in town: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) poet.

Artificial Intelligence

Users can ask questions or narrate stories using the ChatGPT tool, which Open AI introduced in November 2022. The tool will then react with pertinent, natural-sounding questions and subjects. The user experience is intended to mimic a real conversation and encourage natural interaction with the tool. It soon attracted notice for its thorough responses and understandable justifications in a variety of subject areas.

It has abruptly turned artificial intelligence from a theoretical idea into a current cultural phenomenon. The cutting-edge application, which was made by OpenAI, lets you type in one or two sentences and get detailed responses that sound like they came from a real person. These responses can be instructions, poems, jokes, melodies, or even computer code.

Being a software engineer in my past life, I decided to give it a test drive. Hinduism was the first subject that came to mind. However, I figured that asking to write about Hinduism might not be all that difficult. I then gave it a twist. I requested that this cutting-edge technological gadget create a poem about Hinduism.

Here is a poem that an AI program wrote. Some bloggers have stated that this tool is more knowledgeable about Hinduism than the majority of Hindus and offers an unbiased perspective. I just so happen to agree with them.

Raj Shah

Managing editor

The Desh Videsh Media Group

Poetry on Hinduism


Hinduism, ancient faith of the East,
A religion rich in tradition and belief.
A path to enlightenment and peace,
A way to connect with the divine.

Hinduism also called Sanatan Dharma,
A way of life that’s ancient, yet always new.
A path to understanding, wisdom, and peace,
A journey of self-discovery, and of unity.

With countless gods and goddesses,
Each with their own unique stories and powers,
Hinduism teaches us to honor and respect,
All aspects of the divine.

The Bhagavad Gita, ancient scripture of Hinduism,
A source of wisdom, guidance, and peace.
A conversation between god and man,
A path to understanding the divine.

With teachings on the nature of the self,
And the path to liberation and enlightenment,
The Bhagavad Gita offers us a way,
To find peace and purpose in this life.

The Vedas, a foundation of Hinduism,
Teaching wisdom, knowledge, and truth.
Taking us to liberation and enlightenment,
Show us real purpose in this life

From the teachings of the Vedas,
To the practices of yoga and meditation,
Hinduism offers a wealth of wisdom,
For those seeking spiritual growth.

So let us embrace this ancient faith,
With open hearts and minds,
And let the teachings of Hinduism,
Guide us on our journey within.


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