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How to Raise a Genius

The most important thing driving a young child to become a genius is parents’ love. Parents dream to raise a child who is healthy, happy and successful. The child needs attention, affection and care of the parents to be raised properly. Being polite and understanding is more necessary than being smart. Children must know that their opinions are valued by their parents. Now let’s discuss some factors that are responsible for helping your child become a genius.

Reading is the foundation of all knowledge and so it is very beneficial for childrenReading to your child helps him or her connect with surroundings and gather information about the outside world. Reading is the foundation of all knowledge and so it is very beneficial for children.

Praising the child helps them to think about themselves. Proper encouragement helps them in the long run. However, do not over praise them; neither should you criticize them in a too negative way. There should be a balance in the way you are praising.

Grab every opportunity to teach the child. While coming back home from work, ask your child how the day was spent. While shopping, ask him or her the names and prices of the goods purchased.

Encourage the curious nature of the childEncourage the curious nature of the child. They can be taken to museums, art galleries, and zoos, all of which stimulates interesting ideas.

Music training helps to develop attention, concentration, patience and discipline. It has biological effects too, developing the child’s nervous system.

Engaging in sports is very important. This can be any type of sport from yoga to karate and provides the child with a foundation to do their best in any aspect of life.

Minimum conflict is a must for good upbringing of the kid. This helps the child to learn and grow properly with right behavior.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Child


  • Encourage them to think for themselves and problem solve.

  • Engage them in different activities like debate, competition, art to help them to learn and work together.

  • Maintain a connection with them and celebrate their success.


  • Don’t subject your child to a stressful routine.

  • Children should not be referred to as ‘gifted’ or ‘genius.’ Sometimes they may fail, but they never want to disappoint their parents.

  • Parents should not push popularity. Intelligent kids do not have an easy time fitting in. They also have fewer friends than average children.

Parents do everything to help their children scale mountains and achieve success in every field. Genes are not everything. Parents must build the mental development of the child.

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