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  • October 2008

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  • John McCain

    John McCain

    I first met John McCain in 1999 when I was a graduate student. He was coming to speak on my campus and I was selected to pick him up at Logan Airport. On the 45-minute ride to Harvard Square, we talked about many issues of …

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  • Rangoli1

    Indian Art & Artist

    I still remember the first time I was introduced to a compass – shiny white metallic. They were not available in the different colors we see them now. First, I used it to make circles, but then realized that it could also be used to …

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  • The Change We Need

    The Change We Need

    As November approaches, the South Asian American community faces a critical choice in the presidential election. As we reflect on the past eight years and look ahead to the future, the choices could not be clearer. On one hand, we have John McCain, a candidate …

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    Diwali: The Victory Of Good Over Evil

    Come the month of October, there is an air of festivity all around. It is the auspicious festival of Diwali that makes even the grimmest face smile in anticipation.It is indeed the time for all to usher into the light, it is the time to …

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