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    Editorial May 2009

    May 2009 Dear Readers, Once again, we are very pleased to bring you a special edition of Desh-Videsh – this month we focus on Education, a very important issue for all South Asians living in this country. As South Asians, we have made name for …

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  • More than arithmetic!! Whole Brain Development!!

    More than arithmetic!! Whole Brain Development!!

    Many people often assume that learning arithmetic is merely a method to increase the speed and accuracy of calculation, for example, solving 738×16 + 20 x 46 = ? Within a few seconds. By itself, it is already an amaz ing accomplishment for most young …

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  • Facing the Global Financial Crisis

    Facing the Global Financial Crisis

    The global financial crisis we face today provides a his torically unique opportunity, an opening, to tap into the power of the hidden source within each of us. When you react to crisis, your door to the mysterious source of power, inner strength, and endurance …

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  • Education

    EducationaL Excellence of Indians

    The prowess of Indians in the field of higher education, especially in disciplines like mathematics, has taken a fabled shape by now. In almost every western college or university, it is a common sight to find an Indian name among the top three students. The …

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