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Holiday Sweets and Snacks

SWEETS No festival would be complete without a variety of traditional foods to make the celebration more festive … and delicious! Though we may watch our every calorie the rest of the year, the festival season is a time to indulge. Include some of these traditional favorites on your menu this festival season! Kaju Katli A standard item on any …

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Fit for Flight Frequent Flyer Miles in Health

Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani Vacation fudge? Yes please! Vacation pudge? No thanks. Although desserts, grand dinners, and rounds of sugary drinks sound enticing, no vacation-goer wants to realize on their return flight home that they have an extra passenger on board – the infamous “food baby” (also known as, the vacation gut). Upkeeping physical health is just …

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Global Luxury Travel Destinations

Global Luxury Travel Destinations By Faren Rajkumar Traveling to new places can be a luxurious and indulgent experience, no matter in which part of the world you find yourself. From the far East to Europe, every country offers its share of exotic, lavish, and comfortable vacation experiences for the individual adventurer, couples, and entire families looking for a rich getaway. …

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Exploring India Following the Path Less Traveled

Exploring India: Following the Path Less Traveled On your next trip to India, add sites that are rarely traveled to your itinerary and be prepared to discover the hidden treasures. By Taniya Talukdar India has always fascinated world travelers who have been highly intrigued by its rich cultural heritage. Destinations like Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra have always been at the …

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