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  • Elevate Event Agency

    Elevate Event Agency

    Elevate Event Agency is a full-service event planning and production agency headed by Anu Kirpalani and Rebecca Pereira, who offer more than 20 years of combined industry experience. Elevate Event Agency’s services include event design, event management, destination management, and much more! With the ability …

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  • H2018121860102 1 1

    The Modi foreign policy doctrine: India as a smart power

    The opening address by the President of India to the new Parliament is really an occasion for the new government to outline its policy agenda for the next five years. The presidential address on June 9 was probably one of the most ambitious in the …

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  • Gandhi With Lord And Lady MountBatten Scaled

    Secret history: the release of the Mountbatten archives and the fight to access royal diaries

    An immense trove of the most important royal historical material for decades has quietly been released in the United Kingdom. These are the diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife Lady Edwina, from the 1920s until 1968. As the last great-grandchild and godchild of …

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  • PM Modi

    PM Modi’s address at India Ideas Summit

    “Namaste! Business leaders, Distinguished guests, I thank the US-India Business Council for inviting me to address the ‘India Ideas Summit’. I also congratulate the USIBC on its forty-fifth anniversary this year. Over the past decades, the USIBC has brought Indian and American business closer. USIBC’s …

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  • File 20210615 13 Ik00hj

    Jawaharlal Nehru’s vision for a just and equitable post-colonial world, with India leading the way

    This piece is part of a new series in collaboration with the ABC’s Saturday Extra program. Each week, the show will have a “who am I” quiz for listeners about influential figures who helped shape the 20th century, and we will publish profiles for each …

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  • Modi1 1

    Indian election: Modi win delivered thanks to faith in economic growth pledges

    India’s electoral colossus has re-elected Narendra Modi’s BJP party, following the largest democratic exercise in the world. India has united to put Modi back in office. This is the second time since 1971 that a majority incumbent government has returned to power with majority in …

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  • How The Partition Of India Happened The Sun Uk E16

    How the Partition of India happened – and why its effects are still felt today

    “Partition” – the division of British India into the two separate states of India and Pakistan on August 14-15, 1947 – was the “last-minute” mechanism by which the British were able to secure agreement over how independence would take place. At the time, few people …

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  • A Refugee Special Train At Ambala Station During Partition Of India 1 1

    How a British royal’s monumental errors made India’s partition more painful

    The midnight between August 14 and 15, 1947, was one of history’s truly momentous moments: It marked the birth of Pakistan, an independent India and the beginning of the end of an era of colonialism. It was hardly a joyous moment: A botched process of …

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  • 800px Clive 1

    Colonialism was a disaster and the facts prove it

    Recently an academic article, asserting the historical benefits of colonialism, created an outcry and a petition with over 10, 000 signatures calling for its removal. The Case for Colonialism, published in Third World Quarterly by Bruce Gilley, argues Western colonialism was both “objectively beneficial and …

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  • H2020060188612 1

    India Under PM Modi

    While India and Indians worldwide celebrate India’s 75th Independence day,  Prime Minister Modi’s seven+ years in office marks the longest uninterrupted non-Congress government at the centre. It’s a combination of the pull of PM Modi’s personality, a right-of-centre stream of politics, and a few lessons …

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