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  • Nikhil and Navya

    Nikhil and Navya

    Navya Talluri was super impressed when she walked into Nikhil Patel’ Wayne University dorm room. The couple were dorm neighbors and met in an elevator 10 years before they decided to get married. Navya describes Nikhil’s room as “impressively neat and clean.” Her heart melted …

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  • Esha and Simit

    Esha and Simit

    Sparks flew all around when Simit Parikh, pharmacist, met Esha Soni, nuclear medicine technologist, on a blind date. Little did they know that a conversation over Mexican food and margaritas would change their lives for the better! The couple kept in touch as they shuttled …

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  • Deepali and Ajay

    Deepali and Ajay

    Funnily, Deepali, marketing specialist, and Ajay, quality engineer, each have different versions of their “how we met story.” Deepali insists they met at a cousin’s wedding in Dallas, but Ajay insists that he was first taken in by Deepali’s picture on the app, and …

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  • Kruti and Nishant

    Kruti and Nishant

    Kruti, a physician assistant, and Nishant, a marketing manager, were never firm believers in dating. Interestingly, however, the online app Dil Mil changed their opinions. The two found themselves spending hours in each other’s company online. From romantic weekends away and virtual dates to phone …

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  • Ubtan Ftr Img

    Ubtan: Eastern Beauty Meets West

    The tradition of Ubtan dates back to ancient texts in India. As written in the Vedas, it was used for nourishing, protection and beautification of the skin. Ubtan is a common household name in India for a traditional Ayurvedic recipe to detoxify the skin and …

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  • એક બ્લોકબસ્ટર મનોરંજક મુશાયરો

    એક બ્લોકબસ્ટર મનોરંજક મુશાયરો

    Sunday August 30th at 5:00 pm USA EST

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  • Talat Aziz, Live From Mumbai To Your Home: MAIACA Presents Shazam-E-Ghazal

    Talat Aziz, Live From Mumbai To Your Home: MAIACA Presents Shazam-E-Ghazal

    September 6, 2020, at 7.30 pm EST.

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  • Ice is not that Nice!

    Ice is not that Nice!

    By Chahna Tailor It’s summer. It’s hot. What is the instinctive way to cool ourselves down? Water, iced. Super cold. You can immediately feel a reduction in heat! Whenever I am asked about Ayurveda tips that can be easily integrated into our daily routine, the …

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  • Grah Shanti: A Promising Step to Happiness

    Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness

    Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness People often say that matches are made in heaven, so it is no surprise that many weddings begin with an auspicious step to placate the heavenly bodies. The Grah Shanti is often one of the first rituals to …

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  • Top 5 Color Trends for Winter Wedding Events

    Top 5 Color Trends for Winter Wedding Events

    A wedding that is distinctive and memorable is a wish many brides make for this important life event. Multi-faceted hues and dimensions of color are sure to leave an imprint, and moreover, are a characteristic trait of South Asian weddings. Weddings have always been affairs …

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