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    Quit India

    WITH THE OUTBREAK of the war in 1939, Gandhi was dragged back into the political arena. He had loyally supported the Empire in the First World War. In the Boer War, even though his moral sympathies were with the Boers who were fighting for their …

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  • British Government Must Apologize for Jallianwala Baugh Massacre

    British Government Must Apologize for Jallianwala Baugh Massacre

      In 2019, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby visited the site of a brutal massacre, Jallianwala Baugh, which happened in 1919 under British colonial rule in India and offered his personal apologies. He expressed his “deep sense of grief” for a “terrible atrocity.” The …

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  • Gandhi Salt March 1

    Natives beaten down by police in India salt bed raid

    By WEBB MILLER, United Press Staff Correspondent DHARASANA, India, Wednesday, May 21, 1930 (UP) – Prayers said as white-clad volunteers knelt in the moonlight and an impassioned speech by the poetess-leader, Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, opened the mass attack of 2,500 independence demonstrators today on the …

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  • A Refugee Train Punjab 1947 1

    The road to India’s partition

    As citizens of India and Pakistan celebrate 71 years of their independence on August 15, they will also remember 1947 as the momentous year of their simultaneous birth. That year, the British quit their “jewel in the crown” and partitioned colonial India on the basis …

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  • Rik Mehta, the first Indian-American to win GOP primary for Senate from New Jersey

    NRI News

    Rik Mehta, the first Indian-American to win GOP primary for Senate from New Jersey Rik Mehta, an ex-US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official, beaten his closest rival Hirsh Singh, also an Indian-American, in the Republican, also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party), primaries …

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  • Elite Dream Creations

    Elite Dream Creations

    Complete Event planning for any size of the event. From 50 people to 5000 people. We are in the business of awesome! Umangi and Rikti, the lead planners and coordinators of Elite Dream Creations, manage each and every aspect of your wedding flawlessly. Together, they …

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  • Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort

    Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort

    Our newly-renovated Tampa golf resort is one of Florida’s best spots to tee off. The newly renovated Innisbrook is simply one of America’s most celebrated Florida golf resorts. Not only do we consistently receive top accolades – including Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 You Can Play,” …

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  • Marriott Palm Beach Gardens

    Marriott Palm Beach Gardens

    4000 RCA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Phone: 561-630-1307         The Marriott Palm Beach Gardens embodies a convenience and ease with a downtown location near Roger Dean Stadium, Peanut Island and Palm Beach State College, our hotel is perfect for …

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  • Ghee is Not the Enemy

    Ghee is Not the Enemy

    Ghee, clarified butter, is a good substitute for cooking oil and is frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern recipes. Many people favor cooking with ghee over butter because it does not burn as easily and adds great aroma, flavor, and taste to the food. …

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  • To Buy Organic Or Not Feature

    To Buy Organic or Not?

    Organic foods have changed from being deemed a gourmet commodity, pricey and limited to specialty markets, to being popular, and even essential for some, at grocery stores worldwide. With a wide range of availability at reasonable prices, many are now embracing a natural lifestyle. But …

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