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4 Tips for the Smart and Successful Woman Looking for Love

Relationship Corner
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by Jasbina Ahluwalia, Intersections Match

4 Tips for the Smart and Successful Woman Looking for Love
Careers can be rich in meaning and fulfillment. But if career-driven lifestyles don’t afford the time and energy required to build a truly fulfilling romantic relationship, they can also be lacking in love. If you’re ready to connect with a partner, these quick tips can guide you into the arms of a loving companion, without compromising what’s genuinely important to you.
1 Measure your time commitment
Measure your time commitmentWhere can you free up time to schedule a date night? Like any goal, you’ll need to start with a plan. Evaluate your current lifestyle and habits. Take into consideration any travel, late hours and even personal health habits when carving out your time. Be honest with yourself. This way, you can build intimacy with another without sacrificing what matters most to you.
Write down your non-negotiables
2 Write down your non-negotiables
Are there a few traits in your potential partner that you cannot live without? Narrow in on characteristics you enjoy the most in a companion and number them by importance. Writing out these features will give you more flexibility to say no to someone who doesn’t quite meet your standards. It’s equally important to know what you won’t put up with so that you can avoid settling into a relationship ‘just because.’
Recognize the role you play
3 Recognize the role you play
While filling in the lines of your ideal companion, take note of the kind of partner you will be. Remove the external pressures of society as well as the opinions of those around you and focus on your own values. Be aware of your level of willingness to accept the intimacy relationships bring along. Sharing your life with someone else is a big commitment and the more conscious you are of your intentions, the smoother this transition can be.
3 Get comfortable saying Yes
With the plethora of apps and online dating sites, sometimes one of the most impactful things for singles to do is just say ‘yes’ to an invitation in real life. You will likely need to break out of your daily norm to experience new people, and the best way to do that is having the willingness to put yourself in unfamiliar situations.

Love shouldn’t be a sacrifice of fulfillment. Relationships are meant to enhance your lifestyle, not hinder it. Enjoy the richness that comes with opening your heart to love. You can successfully do this without losing yourself in the process.

About the AuthorJasbina Ahluwalia

Jasbina Ahluwalia, Matchmaker & Dating Coach has pioneered an approach to matchmaking, which blends the best of The East and West.

She is an Indian-American Attorney-turned-Entrepreneur, Relationship Expert, Radio Show Host and Matchmaker/Dating Coach. She is the Founder & President of Intersections Match by Jasbina, the only Premier Matchmaking & Dating Coaching Firm for Indian Singles in the U.S., Canada & the U.K. Jasbina previously practiced law in San Francisco and Chicago. She earned her B.A/M.A. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University, and JD from the University of Michigan Law School.

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