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5 Best Indian Restaurants in the US

Do you wish to taste the best Indian food in the US? Here are the top 5 eateries you may opt for:


This restaurant, located in Long Island City, Queens, is known for the power packed flavors that is found in every single dish on the menu. Be it Tawa Kaleji, Bheja Fry or goat biryani, you cannot miss the heat. Even vegetarian dishes like cheese-stuffed naan and lotus root kofta which is a paneer dish in creamy fenugreek and tomato base, are hands down winners. 

Bollywood Theater

The Bombay-inspired menu created by Chef MacLarty makes it one of Portland’s top Indian restaurants. Especially good is the pav bhaji which is a dish of mashed-and-spiced vegetables that come with warm buttered bread. Have it with a topping of shredded cheese that slowly melts its way into the mix. 


This Californian restaurant serves a variety of dosas with fillings that range from a simple masala potato mixture to creamy butter chicken. However, they also have on offer delicious rice bowls, wraps filled with juicy prawns cooked in coconut milk and salads, especially one made with coconut, kale, and moong beans. 

Ghee Indian Kitchen

A large portion of the produce used in their kitchens is grown personally on this Miami property by Chef Niven Patel. The menu boasts of seasonal dishes churned out of whatever produce is on hand. Lassis and chutneys made with mangoes, vegetable poriyal– stir fried vegetables that are fresh from the garden and baby eggplant that is made with Yukon potatoes and heirloom tomatoes. 


Chef Kaiser Lashkari serves mouth-watering Indian and Pakistani dishes on his extensive menu, at this Houston based restaurant. From succulent chicken kababs and aromatic biryanis to creamy and masala gravies this restaurant has everything for every foodie. If you had to pick one gravy, go for the chicken hara masala (paneer, if you want to go vegetarian). It comes in a rich sauce that brings together the flavors of green chilies, cilantro, yogurt, and garam masala.


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Long Island City

Tawa Kaleji

Bheja Fry

Kofta, Paneer

Bollywood Theatre

Chef Maclarty


Ghee Indian Kitchen

Chef Navin Patel

Chef Kaiser Lashkari


hara masala

garam masala


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