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  • Indian Sweets

    Easy and Delicious Diwali Sweets

    Diwali is time for celebration, and no celebration is complete with delicious treats! While fried, sugar laden mitai are favored during the festival season, some healthier options are available – and no less tasty! Try these recipes and share with friends and neighbors. No one …

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  • Vegetable Juices

    A New and Balanced You: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

    A New and Balanced You: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle In January and at the start of any new year, many of us were enthusiastic about making lifestyle changes, but it’s likely that enthusiasm has worn off significantly by now. It is never too late …

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  • Dirty Chai Nightcap Ftr Imf

    Desi Inspired Signature Cocktails

    Desi Inspired Signature Cocktails At your next event, serve drinks your guests will remember fondly! Perfect for holiday parties or as a signature drink at wedding receptions, these drink ideas are a unique twist on some traditional favorites. Spiced Simple Syrup Use this simple syrup …

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  • Methi Matri1

    Holiday Sweets and Snacks

    SWEETS No festival would be complete without a variety of traditional foods to make the celebration more festive … and delicious! Though we may watch our every calorie the rest of the year, the festival season is a time to indulge. Include some of these …

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  • Enjoy the Celebration.... with Sweets

    Enjoy the Celebration…. with Sweets

    How to make sweet rice (rice pudding/kheer) Sweet rice has a unique flavour and is often eaten as a dessert. Some people enjoy it with daahl puri roti as a meal. It is also eaten ceremoniously by the dulaha (bridegroom) during the Hindu marriage ceremony. …

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  • Eat Your Way Through the Festival Season

    Eat Your Way Through the Festival Season

    Food is a very important part of any Indian events, including annual festivals. By Taniya Talukdar India is a land of varied cultures that include festivals celebrated the year round and food is a big part of any such celebration. In fact, any festival remains …

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  • Diwali Sweets

    Diwali Sweets For your dining pleasure we have collected these sweets recipes from all the different states of India Shrikhand (Sweetened yogurt with saffron) Serves 6-8 2½ cups plain yogurt (20 fl. oz.) 1 Tbsp warm milk ¼ tsp saffron ¼ tsp elaichi (cardamom) powder …

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  • Food Designing

    Food Designing

    Designing is a way of expressing personal creativity and innovation—and what better means is there to design than through everyone’s favorite thing: food! Just as the imagination is endless, so are the variety of food designs possible. When it comes to designing with food, it …

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  • Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes

    Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes

    Since September, many South Asians have been in “holiday” mode. Entertaining guests, cooking, and cleaning have no doubt become a part of your everyday activities. As the New Year approaches, this festive mood and atmosphere remains in tact as intimate get-togethers and festive parties mark …

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  • Healthy recipes to help get you back on track

    Remembering Our Resolutions Healthy recipes to help get you back on track

    So you’ve been stuffing yourself full of bhajia and delicious sweets. Even though Sameer ji “forced” you to eat yet another gulab jamun, in truth, you truly enjoyed every bite of it. Remember how you vowed never to eat anything greasy or sweet again at …

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