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Arkamita SenguptaAbout the Author

Arkamita Sengupta, a resident of Siliguri, graduated from Salesian College, Siliguri with a Master’s degree in English Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in English Honors from Amity University, Kolkata. Her interests lie in reading, listening to music, painting, and learning foreign languages. She is also learning French as a foreign business language and is further interested in learning Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish.

However, being an avid reader, Arkamita aspires to pursue a career mainly concerned with academics, preferring to be an author or an editor. She enjoys reading critical essays and articles on literary pieces, which inspires her to conduct research on literary topics such as post-colonial world literature and contemporary literature.


Next US President may be an Indian-American

Next US President may be an Indian-American? By Raj Shah & Arkamita Sengupta

Like Britain, the United States of America may also have an Indian-origin president after the 2024 presidential election. The fresh faces of Indian descent for the US presidential election are Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy. This news has created a buzz across the globe as it reflects the popularity of Indians worldwide. According to the report, in a community that …

Nikki Haley’s Presidential candidacy and her views on Key issues

Born on January 20, 1972, Nikki Haley is an American politician and diplomat who served as the 116th and first female governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017, as well as the 29th American ambassador to the UN for two years, from January 2017 to December 2018. Nikki Haley, a former United Nations Ambassador, former South Carolina governor, and …