Robert Arnett

Robert Arnett

Robert-Arnett About the Author:
Robert Arnett is a native of Columbus, Georgia, and he has a Master’s Degree in History from Indiana University. He completed undergraduate studies at Tulane University, University of Georgia, and the London School of Economics in England. Arnett is a nationally recognized speaker and has been interviewed on National Public Radio, Voice of America, South African Broadcasting Corporation, and various television appearances.


India Spiritual Heritage - By Glen P. Kezwer, Ph. D.

India Unveiled

Author by Robert Arnett The following article is an expert from Robert Arnett’s magnificent book India Unveiled, an incredible journey through India with words and pictures. See our Book Review Section for more information. For those unfamiliar with India and her customs, I would like to share some background. The term Indians applies equally to Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, …

India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People by Robert Arnett

India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People

Author by Robert Arnett and Smita Turakhia   For Robert Arnett, capturing the essence of India and its varied terrains and people was a journey he took to heart. The sixth edition of India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People takes readers on a visual journey of India much as earlier editions did; however, with its larger format and expanded sections, the …

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