Been There, Do This Instead! A Bridal Q&A

Been There, Do This Instead! A Bridal Q&A

Been There, Do This Instead!  A Bridal Q&A

For this year’s Fall Bridal Issue, I’m bringing you straight to the source of some of the most vital information a bride-to-be can receive: newlyweds. These brides have already been there, done that, and now they’re sharing some of the key aspects of their own weddings.

Our three lovely brides come from various backgrounds. Deepali* planned her destination wedding in India. Her story takes us on a journey through South Indian tradition, long distance coordination, & larger wedding parties! Meera* had a local wedding in her hometown where she grew up. Her adventure is filled with warm touches of home through & through. Priyanka brings us an intertwining of two worlds, a beautiful wedding weekend with both Hindu and Catholic ceremonies.

Been There,
Do This Instead!
A Bridal Q&A
by Nisha Jani

How did you feel about your nutrition?

Deepali: I didn’t have much control over what we ate or where we stayed. It was difficult to control the day-to-day menu in India! So we ate what was provided by our relatives/family. I wish I could have incorporated more salads.

Meera: I kept a good fitness routine with a personal trainer a few months prior to wedding week. It helps to stay consistent!

Priyanka: Don’t go into any crash diets/binges beforehand! Do what your body is used to; I stuck to lots of fruit, and no sugar in my coffee during wedding week. Keep a buddy! My sister and I would jog together.

How did you feel about your nutrition?

What about stress with wedding details?

Deepali: It was tough to plan so much from the states; getting married just after grad school honestly made it difficult to be heavily involved in details. I didn’t know what my hair would be like the day-of, or what jewelry was picked. It can be stressful when you don’t know what the wedding schedule will be like, but it did help to leave it to my family since I had to concentrate on school. I trusted them.

Meera: Invest money in the right places. I think I would have hired an event coordinator for at least the day-of; we didn’t have a wedding planner for the entire thing. Our family friends helped organize everything, even wedding décor! Seeing venues/caterers is a breeze locally. It was stressful at times, but it gave us all a chance to bond. Oh, and take family photos! It is SO important.

What about stress with wedding details?Priyanka: Trust your wedding planner. They are trained to do this; try not to micromanage! I only had 6 months to plan it all, and communication makes all the difference. We also respected our families’ traditions, letting them plan the Hindu & Catholic ceremonies. And, the guest list doesn’t need to be stressful! As long as my friends came, I didn’t mind who else my parents invited. Even if I hadn’t interacted much prior – if they were friends of my parents, I loved having them there!

How about overall mental health?

Deepali: You’ll meet all sorts of extended family in India. And some things, no matter how much you plan from the States, will only be sorted out in person. Be mentally prepared for complications; have backup options! Know who will be around you the week of, and who will keep you company through it all!

Meera: Know who to lean on! Communication was so important for my husband and I. He knew I needed comfort and support. I felt so happy being around my local community and my best friends. It felt good to be home.

Priyanka: Leading up to the big day, I went on long family walks; to keep peace of mind & bond. Looking back, those were some of the most memorable moments. It’s easy to lose yourself within the details of a wedding. Remember to check back in, and keep perspective of what’s truly important: your family.

How about overall mental health?

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