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    8 ways to manage body image anxiety after lockdown

    By Dr. Tracy Tylka Being able to socialize again may bring enthusiasm and a sense of normalcy – but it may also increase anxiety over how your body might have changed. I am a psychologist who has studied body image for over 20 years, and …

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    Yoga isn’t timeless: it’s changing to meet contemporary needs

    By Dr. Jeremy David Engels On June 21, for International Yoga Day, people will take out their yoga mats and practice sun salutations or sit in meditation. Yoga may have originated in ancient India, but today it is practiced all over the world. In the …

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    What is the Meaning of Life?

    By Maria Wirth This question is natural for any human being and is asked in every generation by many of the youth. I remember it troubled me a lot when I was young. I don’t think I could have found the answer on my own …

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    Taste the Rainbow

     By Chahna Tailor Happy July! Some people eat to live, while others (like me!) live to eat. The thing is, everything you eat becomes your body. Your food can balance you or imbalance you; it can build a healthy body or an unhealthy body. So, …

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    Copper Immunity By Chahna Tailor

      In a few of my previous articles, I have mentioned that copper is highly beneficial. I’ve suggested using a copper tongue scraper and drinking from a copper cup. But why? Acharya Charaka, author of Charaka Samhita, wrote about many metals that are beneficial to …

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    Overcoming Anxiety with Knowledge of Your True Self

    The modern world can seem like a very stressful place, especially now with all the fear about disease, sickness, and death. There is seemingly so much to do on a daily basis, just to keep yourself and your family healthy, happy, and secure. Modern technologies …

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  • The Ayurvedic Way to End Your Day By Chahna Tailor

    The Ayurvedic Way to End Your Day By Chahna Tailor

    Happy New Year! We just wrapped up a super long year. Are there any changes you would like to see in life for 2021? Why not better sleep or a more restful evening? If you had a chance to read last month’s article, you read …

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  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapies for Glowing Skin

    Ayurveda Beauty Therapies for Glowing Skin

    By Neeta Singh, founder of Neeta Naturals, Ayurveda coach and Beauty Therapist Are you a bride-to-be? Feeling anxious with constant butterflies in the stomach is quite normal. Though it is every girl’s dream to share a perfect wedding day with the man of her dreams, …

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  • Good nutrition contributes to keeping COVID-19 and other diseases away

    Good nutrition contributes to keeping COVID-19 and other diseases away

    By Dr. Grayson Jaggers Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California – Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences The connection between the pandemic and our dietary habits is undeniable. The stress of isolation coupled with a struggling economy has caused many of …

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  • Ice is not that Nice!

    Ice is not that Nice!

    By Chahna Tailor It’s summer. It’s hot. What is the instinctive way to cool ourselves down? Water, iced. Super cold. You can immediately feel a reduction in heat! Whenever I am asked about Ayurveda tips that can be easily integrated into our daily routine, the …

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