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  • Removing The Taboo A Conversation Featured Image

    Removing the Taboo – A Conversation on Mental Wellness

    Lashing out unexplainably on family members, suddenly crying by yourself, losing appetite or even gaining appetite to feel better – if any of this sounds familiar, you are far from alone. In fact, these are some of the most common signs of emotional stress. This …

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  • The Holiday Weigh-In

    The Holiday Weigh-In

    Holidays tend to bring about very rich memories for us, usually centering around the excitement of traveling and family members visiting. Every year it’s a new blur of vivid colors, bright lights, and delicious aromas. Oh the aromas!! It’s almost like every holiday has its …

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  • We Do Celebrating Ftr Img

    “We Do:” Celebrating Fitness Together

    “We Do:” Celebrating Fitness Together By Nisha Jani During wedding season, one of the main themes is chaos! Between planning the big day and organizing the months leading up to it, it is so easy to lose yourself amidst the invitation cards and RSVPs. Stop! …

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  • Been There, Do This Instead! A Bridal Q&A

    Been There, Do This Instead! A Bridal Q&A

    For this year’s Fall Bridal Issue, I’m bringing you straight to the source of some of the most vital information a bride-to-be can receive: newlyweds. These brides have already been there, done that, and now they’re sharing some of the key aspects of their own …

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  • Wellness: The Ultimate Luxury Trend

    Wellness: The Ultimate Luxury Trend

    Wellness: The Ultimate Luxury Trend By Nisha Jani On a recent flight to Las Vegas, I found myself mindlessly flipping through an in-flight magazine. My gaze landed upon an article about the benefits of a newly designed floating aerobic cycling class – taking place on …

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    Fit for Flight Frequent Flyer Miles in Health

    Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani Vacation fudge? Yes please! Vacation pudge? No thanks. Although desserts, grand dinners, and rounds of sugary drinks sound enticing, no vacation-goer wants to realize on their return flight home that they have an extra passenger on board – …

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    Learn from the 20-something Year Olds: Invest in YOU

    Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani As the school year ended, with the parking lot of my school in the rearview mirror, I could easily say I looked forward to spending time at home doing absolutely nothing. Summers between middle and high school grades …

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  • Stretching

    Ask the Expert

    Author by Nisha Jani So exactly how important is it to stretch before exercising? Stretching before an exercise is too often misunderstood. Be careful not to confuse warming up with static stretching. Static stretching involves holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds; however stretching cold muscles …

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  • EXERCISE07 1

    The Newest Rx on the Market: Preventative Care

    Author by Nisha Jani If you are a fellow South Asian whose family loves Indian food, I challenge you to open your pantries, open your refrigerators. More likely than not, you’ll find packets of frozen sodium-packed meals, soup cans, starchy pastas, rice, cookie boxes, and …

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  • 12980875 Med Small

    A Journey Down the Aisle to Fitness

    Author by Nisha Jani While you work backwards on your wedding planning, keep your health and fitness in mind. It can make all the difference during the actual event- as well as in those photographs you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or mother …

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