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Passion for Relationships and Compassion for Self

With a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Kondoor V. Abraham is currently on the graduate faculty of St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. His radio program called ‘LifeChangers’ is heard in many parts of the world, giving solution to the problems of daily living. He is also the author of Lifechangers, A collection of 52 inspirational Radio Talks and The Asian Indian in the United States, A Handbook for Counselors and Educators. Among the many things that I observed from over two decades of psychological counseling, two are: (1) our need for relationships and (2) the need for us to be compassionate toward ourselves. Most of our problems are relationship-based, and what bothers us most is what people think of us. For example, it is not what we think of our poverty, but what people think of our poor condition. It is not what we think of our illness, but what others think of our illness. It is not what we think of our failure, but what people think of our failure. As a matter of fact, we develop emotional distress by contemplating what people think of us. That is my first observation. The second one is that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. We have difficulty forgiving ourselves. We cannot accept our imperfections. Very often, we push ourselves to the limits with our habits, our passions, and our desire to do better than others. In essence, we are not kind to ourselves. Sometimes, we even punish ourselves. Our need for improved relationships and our need for compassion toward self are two major themes in this book.

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God is Love Upanishad

Without secret no success is achieved in this life. This life is so valuable to you. Please don’t waste it. This lifetime is like a pot with the hole, drop by drop is falling from it. It never stops till it is finish. The result of it is that we are going to get death one day in our life. No one knows when the lifetime is going to be empty. If you don’t know this, then from now, please don’t sleep quiet. Don’t run, for God doesn’t run for success. You are not going to get anything without His secret. So secret key in this book, you will find “Go over death.” These are three words to understand very carefully. “Go” is to leave, to leave has the aim. Aim is the goal. “Over” is the distance to cross. As we say go over road, go over bridge, go over water by boat. Like that is said Go over death. Only death proof-self can go over it, so we are! After birth and before death, in-between we are death proof-self. We never die in that period. We are eternal, immortal in between that period of life. So why don’t we wake up and realize that. We are alive in our self! With the name of God, go over death and see what you are! That road you will attain through the teacher. Be his or her student and learn all about God, Self, Soul, Life and Love. Death means no mind, no intellect, no life, but soul is always present. Before birth is present, in the life is present and after death is present. We have been given time period to know, realized only in this human birth. Teaching is the door of learning, learning is the door of understanding, and understanding is the door of peace. So peace is the seat of the self. That self you are! Your soul is in you and you are not out from the soul. All souls are of Supreme Soul. This is the knowledge of God is Love. Go over death is the secret key. Where death shows the picture, life is not anymore. You can see no more all the time. No more money in the pocket you can see, while you are alive. So what you do? Stop shopping and return back home for that day. Few words in last I will say. Help God to help you where ever you need help from Him. Please don’t do such a thing as to stop God to help you.

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