Words to Live by

Words to Live by

Bold and BeautifulBold and Beautiful
Facing everything and avoiding nothing is the ultimate spiritual practice. It requires tremendous courage, unusual sincerity and a powerful commitment.

Most of all, facing everything and avoiding nothing in every moment demands that we have a very big heart. Why? Because it means that we always want to know the truth, and that we are willing to face everything and avoid nothing no matter how painful it may be, in order to find it.

It’s very important to realize that in the end, if we are not willing to face ourselves unconditionally, then there is no doubt that someone else is going to suffer as a result. This is inevitable.

Simply through this practice, the practice of facing everything and avoiding nothing, we will cease to act out of ignorance in ways that cause suffering to other people. Through this practice alone, we can find our own liberation. Andrew Cohen

Above all, be yourself Be but don’t just exist. There’s more to life than just being another name on the list. Be active, alive and Adventurous, boisterous, Brave and bold Confident, cool and Clear-headed, daring Determined and decisive Eager, earnest and Eloquent, freethinking, Fresh and fun loving, But, above all, be you Anonymous

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes, and cry that it is dark. Just take the hands away to see the light Swami Vivekananda

Mind and Matter

He who walks between boundaries is man; he who goes beyond them is a saint. But he who transcends the limited and the limitless, his mind is unfathomable. The body is a pitch-dark forest and mind is an elephant gone mad. The Jewel of Wisdom is the god, but few are the Saints who can apply it. The Three worlds were plundered, they all were stripped of their all. But mind is a faceless thief, whom no one could recognize. Kabir

Every force and object in this universe is a product of the divine mind, in the same way that all the’ things you perceive in a dream are creations of your own mind. Paramahansa Yogananda

Mangat RamjiWhen your mind is tired of body comforts, it will (then be able to) taste the real joy of Atman. When it merges with the Atman, you experience the highest state of bliss. This highest state is the true unequalled Shabad (the word); with its contemplation you will overcome tirade of delusion. With mind attached to the word, focus on your breath. With closed eyes directed upwards, feel the flow of the shabad. Concentrating on the flow (of the shabad) make Sat Khand (spiritual region at the top of the head) your abode. Go on remembering God’s name, thus overcoming this arduous world. Recognize always the true shabad within, the one permeating the zone of silence. One, who recognizes that with reverence, need not return to this world again – Mangat Ramji

Suffering as a blessing

Though it is a hard hitting fact but we cannot ignore role of suffering as a blessing in disguise. “Jo sukh mey sumiran karey toh dukh kahe ko hoi”’, we constantly ignore godly presence in our life and when we acknowledge it we are no longer suffer

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