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  • April 2005

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  • Alasinga Perumal

    Alasinga Perumal – He inspired Swami Vivekananda to visit America

    He inspired Vivekananda to visit America “I cannot express my obligations to you Alasinga and all my Ma dras friends for the most unselfish and heroic work you did for me… for it is you young men who have done all… I am only a …

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  • Advice

    Dear Asha, I have been married for 10 years, my husband is Christian (from South India) and I am Hindu (also from South India). We both value our religion very much but we are having a hard time teaching our children both religions. One Sunday …

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  • Book Review

    Passion for Relationships and Compassion for Self With a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Kondoor V. Abraham is currently on the graduate faculty of St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. His radio program called ‘LifeChangers’ is heard in many parts of the world, giving solution …

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  • Words to Live by

    Words to Live by

    Bold and Beautiful Facing everything and avoiding nothing is the ultimate spiritual practice. It requires tremendous courage, unusual sincerity and a powerful commitment. Most of all, facing everything and avoiding nothing in every moment demands that we have a very big heart. Why? Because it …

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  • Indians Dominate 2005

    Indians Dominate 2005

    National Spelling Bee Competition Eighth-grader Anurag Kashyap of California became this year’s National Spelling Bee Champion. Tied for second place were 11-year-old Samir Patel, who is home-schooled in Colleyville, Texas, and Aliya Deri, 13, a Pleasanton, California, student. Rajiv Tarigopula came fourth in the overall …

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  • The Golden Temple - Ultimate Sikh Pilgrimage

    The Golden Temple – Ultimate Sikh Pilgrimage

    The Golden Temple is the ultimate Sikh pilgrimage. The Harmandir Sahib, as it is traditionally known, actually means the temple of Hari or the Supreme God. Also known as the Darbar Sahib, the stupendous, architectural phenomena is located at the city of Amritsar. The temple’s …

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  • Child Obesity

    Child Obesity

    Sitting your child down to read and write daily, playing with educational computer games or learning a musical instrument are all excellent ways of developing extra life learning skills in your child, however, we tend to forget about the importance of daily physical exercise. As …

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  • Bollywood Awards

    Bollywood Awards

    Best Film Yash Chopra for Veer-Zaara” Best Actor Shah Rukh Khan for “Veer-Zaara” Shah Rukh Khan Shahrukh Khan the most saleable actor in the business today. Crazy fans or canny distributor. His name is the guarantee. He hedges his bets by working only with best …

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  • Nani Palkhivala’s Vision for India

    Nani Palkhivala’s Vision for India

    Those of us who have lived through the earlier days of free India, when the entire nation was looking forward with zeal and with a sense of national pride, cannot but look upon the present times with deep anguish and distress. I do not think …

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