Broward Aloha Math Kids First In Florida

Broward Aloha Math Kids First In Florida

Try solving – 628 x 85 + 19 x 40 =?
You must be reaching for a calculator, but a child trained in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic can solve this in seconds using the Abacus technique of performing mathematical calculations. ALOHA stands for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic. It is a Brain Development Program that is based on mental arithmetic using a mathematical tool called the Abacus. Initially, children are trained to perform calculations using the abacus. As training advances, they are able to perform complicated calculations without any mechanical aids, not even the Abacus!

After training in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic, the child is able to calculate with stunning speed and accuracy using their own mental power. Besides improving just their mathematical skills, mental arithmetic helps the child develop longer attention span, focus, visualization, creativity and memory.

This ability to perform mathematical calculations mentally is very exciting for the child and that increases their self-confidence and boosts their self-worth. Development of these qualities reflects positively in their overall performance in School.

ALOHA motto: Not just Education, but Enrichment.
Learning happens in a fun filled environment where the child never feels the burden of learning a new concept every week. Each weekly session is like a brain gymnasium class for the young and growing minds. The ALOHA Junior program is designed for children in the age group 5-6, and the ALOHA Senior Program is designed for children in the age group 7-12.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is a reputed educational institution with an international presence. ALOHA centers are spread over more than a dozen countries with an annual enrollment of over 3 million children worldwide. ALOHA has earned the distinction of being a premier institution in the field of abacus education. ALOHA was launched in North America in 2006.For additional information or to inquire about class availability please contact Radhika (954) 636-7222, email or visit us at

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