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    The significance of Mehndi in Indian Marriages

    Indian marriages are known for their many rituals. In fact, the beauty of Indian weddings comes forth in the numerous traditions that are associated with a special celebration. Indian weddings are incomplete without dance, music and lots of laughter. Furthermore, Indian weddings are not a …

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  • Saptapadi

    Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Hindu Wedding

    Saptapadi Hindu Wedding marriage knot northeasterly direction Besides the religious meaning behind the significant¬†seven steps also called Saptapadi, there is also a mathematical rationale on performing the seven rounds circling the fire. A circle is 360 degrees and all numbers between 1 and 9 divide …

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  • Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Marriage

    Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Marriage

    A Hindu marriage comprises of several meaningful rituals with varying degrees of significance. The rituals convey the values, which should be followed after marriage to lead to a happy married life. Marriages may be said to be made in Heaven, but they still need to …

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